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Lii Ching-Yuan
Aliases:  Lee Ching-Yuen,  Lee Ching-Yuan,  Lee Ching-Yung,  Li Ching-Yuan
Filmography (1979-1987)
  Producer (4 films)
    The Silver Spear (1979)    
    The Way to Stardom (1981)    
    The Imperial Sword Killing the Devil (1981)    
    The Missing People (1987)    
  Planning (4 films)
    The Deadly Sword (1980)    
    Bruce Tuan's 7 Promises (1980)    
    Who Dare Challenge Me (1981)    
    Dark Lady of Kung Fu (1981)    
  Presenter (4 films)
    Wanderer with Nimble Knife (1979)    
    Ghost Chasers (1985)    
    Lucky Seven (1986)    
    Xiao Zu Zong (1986)