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Cheng Mu-Chi
Zeng Mu-Xi,  Chang Miu-Hei,  Zheng Mu-Xi,  Tseng Mao-Hsi
Filmography (1960-1982)
  Producer (1 film)
    The Imperial Warrant (1968)    
  Production Manager (3 films)
    King Far Looei (1963)    
    Girl with the Long Hair (1975)    
    The Final Duel (1982)    
  Planning (4 films)
    Strange Visitor (1960)    
    Birthday Ceremony (1961)    
    A Pair of Carved Jade Part II (1961)    
    Wu Han Sha Qi (1962)    
  Writer (1 film)
    The Final Duel (1982)    
  Presenter (1 film)
    Wife in Disguise (1963)