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月春鶯  ♀
Yue Chun-Ying
Yueh Chun-Ying,  Liu Yue-Yi

Filmography (1962-1966)
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming, Sequel (1963)    
  Actor (28 films)
    Beggar Grandma Travels Lingshan (1962)    
    Di Qing Catches Pearl Banner (1962)    
    Five Tiger Ping Nan (1962)    
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming (1963)    
    Lord You An on Inspection Tour (1963)    
    Li Ya Xian (1963)    
    Tiger Nose Lion (1963)    
    Twelve Widows' Journey to West (1963)    
    Wu Niang Si Jun (1963)    
    Fan Li-Hua Leaves the Mountain the Fourth Time (1963)    
    Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers (1963)    
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming, Sequel (1963)    
    Final Report of Prince Twins' Return to Country (1963)    
    A Dowry Ox-Cart (1964)    
    Mang Nu Di Xia Si Ling (1964)    
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming (Part 3) (1964)    
    Three Beautiful Blind Female Spies (1965)    
    Seven Courageous People (1965)    
    Wu Shi Feng Yun (1965)    
    Red Handkerchief (1965)    
    Knight Errand Si Jin-Gang (Sequel) (1965)    
    Mountain Tiger (1965)    
    Thief Black Spider (1965)    
    Knight-Errant Four Chin Kang (Conclusion) (1965)    
    Wandering Knight (1966)    
    Leopard (1966)    
    The Best Secret Agent 4: Fake Couple (1966)    
    Snake Beauty (1966)