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Ma Hung-Wing
Aliases:  Ma Hung-Yung,  Ma Hun-Yung,  Ma Ming-Yung,  Ma Hong-Yung
Filmography (1977-1983)
  Producer (14 films)
    Flying Swallow (1978)    
    Seven Men of Kung-Fu (1978)    
    Wandering Dragon (1978)    
    The First Error Step (1979)    
    Shooting in the Morning (1979)    
    The Clown (1980)    
    Island Warriors (1981)    
    A Maiden and a Wanderer (1981)    
    Devil Killer (1981)    
    Go On, My Son (1981)    
    The Deadly Angels (1982)    
    The Three Famous Constables (1983)    
    Xiao Mei Xiao Zi Niu Zai Ku (1983)    
    Feng Che Yu Huo Che (1983)    
  Planning (1 film)
    Imperial Sword (1977)    
  Presenter (1 film)
    The Switch (1982)