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Chen Yue-Ying
Chen Yueh-Ying,  Chan Yuet-Ying
Filmography (1971-1980)
  Actor (1 film)
    Cripple Lee Becomes Immortal (1979)    
  Costume Designer (15 films)
    Duel with Devil (1971)    
    Deadly Fists (1972)    
    The Miracle of Love (1974)    
    Love in the Spring (1974)    
    Sunset in the Forbidden City (1976)    
    General Stone (1976)    
    The Super Love (1977)    
    Love Across the Bridge (1977)    
    Shining Spring (1977)    
    Moonlight Sword and Jade Lion (1977)    
    Misty Love (1978)    
    A Voluntary Act (1978)    
    Cripple Lee Becomes Immortal (1979)    
    Hero of the Time (1979)    
    Flower Just Smile in the Spring Breeze (1980)