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Shen Yu-Fang
Aliases:  Shum Yau-Fong,  Chen You-Fang,  Shuen Nu-Feng,  Sum Yau-Fong,  Shun Iiu-Fung,  Shun Liu-Fung
Filmography (1965-1980)
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Beauty's Trap (1967)    
  Producer (14 films)
    The Decree of Death (1965)    
    Vengeance of Snow-Maid (1970)    
    Don't Let the Wives Know! (1970)    
    The Kiteflying Bride (1971)    
    Black and White Swordsmen (1971)    
    The Gallant (1972)    
    When Will You Come Back Again? (1972)    
    Double Dealing with Love (1973)    
    Excelsior (1974)    
    Snapping of Love (1976)    
    The Modern Secretaries (1977)    
    The Green Dragon Inn (1977)    
    Teenager's Dream (1978)    
    Little Mad Guy (1980)    
  Presenter (7 films)
    Incredible Rumour (1968)    
    A Patch of Love (1968)    
    Four Darling Daughters (1969)    
    End of the Wicked Tigers (1973)    
    Fun, Hong Kong Style (1974)    
    Chin Sha Yen (1977)    
    One Foot Crane (1979)