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Wen Rui-An
Aliases:  Wan Shui-On,  Wan Ray-An,  Woon Swee Oan
Born: January 1st, 1954
Filmography (1984-2014)
  Story (5 films)
    Return of the Bastard Swordsman (1984)    
    The Assassin (1993)    
    The Four (2012)    
    The Four, Part 2 (2012)    
    The Four 3 (2014)    
  Wen was born in Malaysia in 1954 and educated in Taiwan, where he wrote his first essays for magazines of the 70s, he also wrote poetry and chivalric novels before moving to Hong Kong in 1981. In 1983-84 two of his novels ("Four Names Meet the Masters" and "Cotton Garment God" [Return of the Bastard Swordsman]) were filmed, and in 1987 he became a member of the Hong Kong's Writers and Artists Associations. That same year began the serialization, in the Taiwanese Union Newspaper, of his most influential chivalric fiction novel: "Kill You".