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Tso Chun-Wan
Aliases:  Cao Jinyun,  Cao Jin-Yun
Filmography (1946-1974)
  Cinematographer (24 films)
    Desire (1946)    
    Peach Blossoms Still Titter in the Spring Breeze (1947)    
    Three Women (1947)    
    Heaven and Hell (1947)    
    The Net of Divine Retribution (1947)    
    Orioles Banished from the Flowers (1948)    
    The Vagabond Master (Part 3) (1948)    
    Portrait of Four Beauties (1948)    
    Song of a Songstress (1948)    
    Wild Fire and Spring Wind (1948)    
    The Handsome Master (1949)    
    Young Heroes (1949)    
    The Unmarried Mother (1949)    
    The Razor's Edge (1949)    
    The Way of Love (1949)    
    Encounter at Hongbi (1949)    
    Revenge of the Great Swordsman (1949)    
    Mysterious Heroine (1949)    
    Spring Comes and Winter Goes (1950)    
    Fengxian Hua (1951)    
    The Story of Liubao (1957)    
    Ethnic Hui Detachment (1959)    
    Struggles in an Ancient City (1963)    
    Sparkling Red Star (1974)