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陳歌辛  ♂
Chen Ge-Xin
Chen Gexin,  Chan Ko-San
Born: September 19th, 1914 - Died: January 25th, 1961

Filmography (1941-1956)
  Music (15 films)
    A Talking Flower (1941)    
    Daughter of the Fisherman (1943)    
    Wei Shui Xin Ku Wei Shui Mang (1943)    
    Colorful (1944)    
    Three Women (1947)    
    Song of a Songstress (1948)    
    Orioles Banished from the Flowers (1948)    
    Wild Fire and Spring Wind (1948)    
    The Unmarried Mother (1949)    
    Latecomer in the Snow (1949)    
    The Way of Love (1949)    
    The Hunchbacked Dragon (1949)    
    Waste Not Our Youth (1949)    
    Floating Family (1949)    
    The Conceited General (1956)    
  Composed popular songs such as: "Rose, Rose I Love You", "Night in Shanghai".