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馮少康  ♂
Fung Siu-Hong

Filmography (1948-1957)
  Actor (13 films)
    The Romantic Trap (1948)    
    Kam Luo, the New Prime Minister (1949) ... Student
    Wave of Jealousy (1950) ... Sing Yan (as child)
    The End of the Year Means Money (1950)    
    Laughter and Tears (1950)    
    Na Zha and the Pot of Treasure (1951) ... Fake Pigsy
    An Orphan's Sad Tale (1951)    
    The Five Heroes' Deadly Spears (1951)    
    The Mis-Matched In-Laws (1951)    
    Taps Off, Downstairs! (1954)    
    How Law Buk Rescued His Mother (1955)    
    My Poor Younger Sister (1955)    
    The Fool's Honeymoon (1957) ... Chan Kwai-Cheung/Ah Kwai