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Chen Zhen-Xiang (1)
Chan Chen-Cheng,  Chen Zhenxiang,  Chan Jan-Cheung
Born: December 22nd, 1921
Filmography (1947-1986)
  Cinematographer (17 films)
    The New White Golden Dragon (1947)    
    The Lady Thief (1948)    
    The Corn in Ripe for Plucking (1948)    
    Missing Document (1948)    
    Good Friend (1954)    
    The Conceited General (1956)    
    Fifteen Strings of Cash (1956)    
    Nurse Diary (1958)    
    Guan Han Qing (1960)    
    Dream of the Red Chamber (1962)    
    Milky Way Lovers (1964)    
    Two Stage Sisters (1965)    
    Hong Hua Qu (1965)    
    Spy in the Eastern Harbour (1978)    
    The True Story of Ah Q (1981)    
    Daughter of the Dragon King (1984)    
    Two Spirits from Jade Green Sea (1986)