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Yao Ken-Shih
Yiu Gan-Sek,  Yiu Kan-Shek,  Yao Jen-Shih
Filmography (1974-1983)
  Writer (16 films)
    All in the Dim Cold Night (1974)    
    The Blue Lamp in Winter Night (1974)    
    Ghost Under the Cold Moonlight (1975)    
    Can Deng You Ling San Geng Tian (1976)    
    Ghost Lover (1976)    
    Blood Night Flower (1978)    
    Gone Forever (1978)    
    Ah Hsi and Ah Hua (1980)    
    Keep Out Of Danger (1980)    
    Tao Yan Gui (1980)    
    Shocking! (1981)    
    Love with Cloud (1981)    
    The Mid-Night (1981)    
    The Black Pearl (1982)    
    The Key Game (1982)    
    Golden Doll (1983)