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Cheung Chu-Kwok
Filmography (1977-1983)
  Art Designer (5 films)
    The Misty Moon (1978)    
    The Wild Goose on the Wing (1979)    
    Errant Love (1981)    
    Burn Phoenix Burn (1981)    
    Last Night's Light (1983)    
  Art Director (9 films)
    Cloud of Romance (1977)    
    The Love Affair of Rainbow (1977)    
    A Love Seed (1978)    
    Love Under a Rosy Sky (1979)    
    The Marigolds (1980)    
    Cloud Stay with Me (1981)    
    My Cape of Many Dreams (1981)    
    Wells Up in My Heart (1981)    
    Asking the Sunset (1982)