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何莉莉  ♀
Lily Ho Li-Li
He Lili,  Ho Lee-Lee,  Lily Chao
Born: November 25th, 1946 (Jiangsu, China)

Filmography (1965-1983)
  Actor (47 films)
    Song Fest (1965) ... Ying Hua
    Song of Orchid Island (1965) ... Bai Da-Na
    The Monkey Goes West (1966) ... Skeleton Demon
    The Knight of Knights (1966) ... Lin Hong Yu
    Till the End of Time (1966) ... Huang I-Hua
    Princess Iron Fan (1966) ... White Bone Demon's sister
    Inter-Pol (1967) ... Guest appearence at airport
    Sing High, Sing Low (1967) ... [Guest] Singer
    The Sword and the Lute (1967) ... Wei Mei-Er
    Auntie Lan (1967) ... Mr Liang's cousin
    Hong Kong Nocturne (1967) ... Chia Tsui Tsui
    My Dreamboat (1967) ... Tang Ke Shin
    That Tender Age (1967) ... Tanny Shen
    Angel with the Iron Fists (1967) ... Luo Na/ Ai Si/ Agent 009
    King Drummer (1967) ... Huang Li-Chen
    The Brain-Stealers (1968) ... Li Chiu-Lan
    The Silver Fox (1968) ... Ching Ching/Silver Fox
    Divorce, Hong Kong Style (1968) ... Dreamgirl
    Hong Kong Rhapsody (1968) ... Herself
    The Angel Strikes Again (1968) ... Ai Si (Agent 009)
    Tropicana Interlude (1969) ... Su Yong Lan
    The Millionaire Chase (1969) ... Yip Fang
    The Singing Thief (1969) ... Fang Darling
    The Orchid (1970) ... Annie Ye
    The Golden Knight (1970) ... Yu Feixia
    A Time for Love (1970) ... Pearl Lau
    Lady with a Sword (1971) ... Feng Fei Fei
    We Love Millionaires (1971) ... Nancy Ho
    The Lady Professional (1971) ... Ge Tianli/Ke Tien Li
    The Jade Faced Assassin (1971) ... Xiao Lu-Er
    The Venus' Tear Diamond (1971) ... Irene Chan (Telosma)
    The Yellow Muffler (1971) ... Singer
    Flower in the Rain (1972) ... Yu Qing
    Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan (1972) ... Ainu
    The 14 Amazons (1972) ... Yang Wen Kuan
    Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972) ... 2) Shih Chung Yu
    The Casino (1972) ... Ms Cui
    The Warlord (1972) ... Hsiao Lan Fang
    Of Wives and Mistresses (1972) ... Li Yu-Ru
    The Water Margin (1972) ... Tigress, Lady Hu San Niang
    River of Fury (1973) ... Ge Yi-Qing
    Facets of Love (1973) ... Miss Fo
    The House of 72 Tenants (1973) ... Fourth Sister
    All Men Are Brothers (1973) ... Lady Hu [cameo]
    Five Tough Guys (1974) ... Courtesan Hsiao Feng-Hsien
    Sex, Love and Hate (1974) ... Bai Mei
    The Lost Generation (1983) ... Concert guest
  Other sources: Date of Birth: 1947.

Born in Nanjing, China, Lily Ho (He Li-Li) was discovered by director Yuan Chiu-Feng when he cast her in his film "Songfest" in 1963. Later she joined Shaw Brothers, and became a very popular movie star.

In the beginning of her career she was often cast as either the sexy character or the rebellious girl in films such as her Shaw Brothers' debut film "Till the End of Time" and her literal breakout and breakthrough performance in "The Knight of Knights" where she daringly appeared in the film half naked, making it one of the most memorable scenes in Chinese movies for its time.

She was equally able to perform excellently in martial arts films like "Angel With the Iron Fists" and Chang Cheh's "The Water Margin", and as caring characters in tender dramas such as "My Dream Boat" and "King Drummer". After "My Dream Boat" she was able to rub off the typecast sexy rebellious parts in the her classic female James Bondian film "The Angels Strikes Again" and the comedy "Of Wives and Mistresses". Moreover, whe she played a male role in "The 14 Amazons", she won an Asian Film Festival Outstanding Lead Female Performance Award in 1973.

Yet was her sultry, lesbian, love slave character to the seductive actress Betty Pei Ti in "Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan" that won her international critical acclaim. Then in 1974, just as her 11 years, about 40 films, movie career was peaking, she suddenly retired from film, married a boating business executive and concentrated on family life.

From the Celestial DVD release of "The Jade Faced Assasin".