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徐增宏  ♂
Hsu Tseng-Hung
Chui Chang-Wang,  Sui Jang-Hung,  Hsu Cheng-Hung,  Hsu Tsan-Hong,  Zer Jun-Hoon,  Hsu Tsan-Hon
Born: November 19th, 1935

Filmography (1953-1979)
  Action Director (1 film)
    The Perfumed Arrow (1966)    
  Cinematographer (30 films)
    The Film World's Merry Song (1953)    
    Neighbours All (1954)    
    Sweet as a Melon (1956)    
    You Are the Winds of Spring (1957)    
    The Storm-Tossed Village (1957)    
    The Nightingale of Alishan (1957)    
    Love Fiesta (1957)    
    The Flight of the Phoenix (1958)    
    The Blood-Stained Lantern (1958)    
    Red Lantern (1958)    
    The Lovesick Woman (1959)    
    Princess of a Hundred Flowers (1959)    
    Day-Time Husband (1959)    
    The Mermaid (1959)    
    The Amorous Pussy-Cat (1960)    
    Fleur-de-Lys (1960)    
    A Challenge of Love (1960)    
    Secret Affairs (1960)    
    The Innocent Girl (1960)    
    A Shadow Over the Chateau (1960)    
    Red Scarf, the Flying Heroine (1961)    
    The Heroic Lovers From the Tomb (1961)    
    Pity Orphan (1961)    
    Scarlet Boy (1962)    
    Love Ditties on the Tea Hill (1962)    
    The Horrible Night (1963)    
    The Warlord and the Actress (1964)    
    The Butterfly Chalice (1965)    
    The Monkey Goes West (1966)    
    Tiger Boy (1966)    
  Producer (2 films)
    My Wife, My Love and My Maid (1973)    
    The Invincible Super Guy (1976)    
  Assistant Director (2 films)
    The Warlord and the Actress (1964)    
    Tiger Boy (1966)    
  Director (19 films)
    The Twin Swords (1965)    
    Temple of the Red Lotus (1965)    
    King Cat (1967)    
    The Sword and the Lute (1967)    
    The Thundering Sword (1967)    
    The Silver Fox (1968)    
    Twelve Deadly Coins (1969)    
    The Secret of the Dirk (1970)    
    Zatoichi and the One-Armed Swordsman (1971)    
    The Invincible Sword (1971)    
    Swordsman at Large (1971)    
    The Last Duel (1972)    
    My Wife, My Love and My Maid (1973)    
    The Greatest Thai Boxing (1974)    
    18 Shaolin Disciples (1975)    
    The Invincible Super Guy (1976)    
    Thousand Mile Escort (1976)    
    One Armed Against Nine Killers (1978)    
    Immortal Warriors (1979)    
  Writer (2 films)
    Twelve Deadly Coins (1969)    
    The Invincible Sword (1971)    
  He settled in Hong Kong in 1949. He worked at Nan Guo Studio as an assistant for cinematographer Luo Jun-Xiong for two years, before joining Xinhua Film Company as a cinematographer himself. His first movie was "Sweet As a Melon", directed by Chiang Nan. He joined Shaw Brothers in 1964 as a cinematographer, screenwriter and assistant director. He wrote "Yi Mao Qian", directed by Li Han-Hsiang, and was the assistant director in Ho Meng-Hua's "The Warlord And the Actress" and Chang Cheh's "Tiger Boy". He was promoted to director in 1965. The movies he directed included "Temple of the Red Lotus", "The Sword and the Lute", "The Thundering Sword", "King Cat", "The Silver Fox", "Twelve Deadly Coins", "The Secret of the Dirk" and "Swordsman At Large". Hsu left Shaw Brothers for Golden Harvest in 1971. He directed the Chinese-language version of "Zatoichi & One Armed Swordsman", a co-production of Golden Harvest and Shintaro Katsu. Supported by Golden Harvest, Hsu set up the Ku Gan Film Company in Taiwan later that year. The company has produced movies like "The Last Duel", starred Jimmy Wang Yu. He returned to Hong Kong in 1980 to work as a manager at Tian Gong Film Development Company.

From the Celestial DVD release of "Swordsman At Large".