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Poon Mei-Lai
Filmography (1977-1995)
  Costume Designer (14 films)
    The Youthful Delinquents (1977)    
    The Lawman (1979)    
    The Battle for the Republic of China (1981)    
    Love Me, Love Me Not (1981)    
    If I Were for Real (1981)    
    The Coldest Winter in Peking (1981)    
    Portrait of a Fanatic (1982)    
    That Day on the Beach (1983)    
    All the King's Men (1983)    
    Nature Is Quiet Beautiful (1984)    
    Kuei-Mei, a Woman (1985)    
    Hanson My Son (1986)    
    A Tale from the East (1990)    
    Red Persimmon (1995)