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Shin Sang-Ok  ♂
Aliases:  Shin Sang-Okk,  Shin Sang-Ok,  Shen Hsiang-Yu,  Shin Shang-Ok,  Simon Sheen,  San Seung-Yuk
Born: October 18th, 1926 - Died: April 11th, 2006

Filmography (1964-1977)
  Producer (14 films)
    The Last Woman of Shang (1964)    
    The King with My Face (1967)    
    The International Secret Agents (1967)    
    The Eunuch (1968)    
    The Partisan Lovers (1969)    
    Five Devils (1969)    
    Thousand Years Fox (1971)    
    Six Assassins (1971)    
    Duel at Devil Hill (1971)    
    King Boxer (1972)    
    Finger of Doom (1972)    
    Bandits from Shantung (1972)    
    The Invasion (1972)    
    When Taekwondo Strikes (1973)    
  Director (10 films)
    The Goddess of Mercy (1967)    
    Mounted Bandits (1967)    
    The Eunuch (1968)    
    Snake Woman (1969)    
    Thousand Years Fox (1971)    
    The Ghost Lovers (1974)    
    Blood and Rose (1975)    
    Girls in the Tiger Cage (1976)    
    Nai Nong Wo Nong (1976)    
    Revenge in the Tiger Cage (1977)    
  Writer (1 film)
    Blood and Rose (1975)    
  Born in what is now North Korea. Kidnapped in 1978 by Kim Jong Il along with his wife Choi Eun Hee to revive North Korea's film industry. Attempted to escape in 1983 but was not freed until 1986 when he obtained asylum in Vienna while attending the Berlin Film Festival. Most famous film is Pulgasari.