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頌巴  ♂
Sombat Metanee
Chung Ba,  Sombat Metanee,  Chung Muk,  Sung Mo,  Sung Muk,  Sung Ba,  Sung Pa,  Sombat Methanee,  Sombut,  Sombati Medhanee,  Su Bai-De,  Sombati Medhanee
Born: June 26th, 1937 (Thailand)

Filmography (1972-1978)
  Actor (8 films)
    The Brothers (1972) ... Zhang Chang-Cheng
    The Singer Story (1972)    
    The Wolf Girl (1974)    
    The Golden Triangle (1975)    
    I Remember (1975)    
    Female Fugitive (1975) ... Inspector Wu
    The Killer Elephants (1976) ... Kau Fei
    The Golden Key (1978) ... Insp. Lo
  Martial Arts Director (1 film)
    The Brothers (1972)