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Wang Yong (7)  ♂
Aliases:  Wang Jung,  Wang Yung,  Wang Rong,  Jeff Wong,  Wong Chim-Yung,  Wong Yung (1)
Born: 1941

Filmography (1947-1991)
  Producer (4 films)
    Girls of the Night (1972)    
    The Seductress (1987)    
    Classmate Party (1988)    
    Queen's High (1991)    
  Director (1 film)
    The Streets of New York (1977)    
  Executive Director (1 film)
    The Old Master (1979)    
  Actor (91 films)
    Return of the Native Diary (1947) ... Opera troup member
    Mistress (1965)    
    Tian Ya Bu Liao Qing (1965)    
    The Silent Wife (1965)    
    Four Loves (1965) ... Chou Chung-Kang
    Fire Bulls (1966) ... Tien Shen
    Ice Point (1966)    
    The Road (1967)    
    Days of Cheer and Sorrow (1967)    
    Lonely Seventeen (1967)    
    Fight for the Agreement (1968)    
    Temptation (1968)    
    Escort (1968)    
    The Absurd Brave (1969) ... Wu Jie
    The Gallant Knights (1969) ... Li Hsien-Chung
    The Avenger (1969)    
    The Whirl-Wind Knight (1969) ... Tung An
    The Golden Sabre (1969)    
    Lady 9 Flower (1969)    
    Love Is Your Name (1969)    
    The Bride and I (1969)    
    Million Dollar Bride (1970)    
    The Wandering Generation (1970)    
    Don't Leave Me Alone (1970)    
    The Fairy Fox and Ghost (1970) ... Hsiao Chien-Jen
    Beautiful Dreamer (1970)    
    Stardust (1970)    
    Young Maid, Ching-Ching (1970)    
    The Ripening Grape (1970) ... Meng Ti
    The Husband and the Pussycat (1970)    
    What Now My Love (1970)    
    Home Sweet Home (1970) ... Wu Ta-kau
    Hate Me Not (1970)    
    Hsueh-Kang Crashed the Flower Lantern Fair (1970)    
    Extreme Enemy (1971)    
    Struggle Karate (1971)    
    Life with Mother (1971) ... Kang Ta-Wei
    You Can't Tell Him (1971) ... Kao Li-Teh
    Five Plus Five (1971) ... 4th son-in-law Te Chuan
    The Fake Tycoon (1971) ... Jin Bao-Luo
    House of Tears (1971)    
    When Will It Rotate? (1971)    
    The Sword (1971)    
    He Heals and Kills (1971)    
    My Lover (1972)    
    I Live for You (1972)    
    Tiger Hill (1972)    
    X-Mania (1972)    
    A Kiss to Remember (1972) ... Lam
    Girls of the Night (1972)    
    The Righteous Fist (1972)    
    Chow-Ken (1972)    
    The Queen Bee (1973) ... Xiao Ma
    Imperial Tomb Raiders (1973)    
    Flight Man (1973) ... Yang Ah-Bao; Cai Wang
    The Trap of Love (1973)    
    Love for Sale (1973)    
    Haze in the Sunset (1973) ... Pei Ngok
    Operation White Shirt (1973)    
    Well of Doom (1974) ... Iron Gun Six
    For Your Love (1974)    
    Women of Desire (1974) ... Mr. Luo
    The Streets of New York (1977)    
    Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (1978) ... Left Guardian Yang Siu
    Wei Jun Chou (1978)    
    Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, Part II (1978) ... Left Guardian Yang Siu
    The Proud Twins (1979) ... Yin Nan Tien
    Invincible Enforcer (1979) ... Brother Meng Tian Long
    Full Moon Scimitar (1979) ... Liu Ruo Song
    The Convict Killer (1980) ... Zhou Zhi-Pei
    Bat Without Wings (1980) ... Chief Lei Xun
    Hex (1980) ... Yeung Chun Yu
    Corpse Mania (1981) ... Police Chief Zhang
    The Emperor and His Brother (1981) ... Lu Fei Ching
    The Duel of the Century (1981) ... Emperor
    Black Lizard (1981) ... Uncle Ding He
    Godfather from Canton (1982) ... Beijing Envoy Zheng Zhi Cheng
    The 82 Tenants (1982) ... Master Luo Shi Hai
    The Spirit of the Sword (1982) ... Master Yunmeng
    Seeding of a Ghost (1983) ... Dr Wong
    Portrait in Crystal (1983) ... Prince Tian Di
    Bastard Swordsman (1983) ... Chief Qing Song
    Usurpers of Emperor's Power (1983) ... Emperor
    Men from the Gutter (1983) ... Xu Wen
    The Supreme Swordsman (1984) ... Supreme Swordsman
    My Mind, Your Body (1985) ... Le Xun-Mei's father
    Classmate Party (1988)    
    Journey Across the Mainland (1988)    
    Spirit Love (1989) ... F & B Manager Yu
    Queen's High (1991)    
    The Good, the Bad and the Bandit (1991)    
  Planning (3 films)
    The Little Cute Fellow (1984)    
    The Kinmen Bombs (1986)    
    The Heroes and the Bear (1988)    
  Originally named Wang Jim-Jung, Wang was born in 1941 in Jiangsu, China. His father was an officer in education department of China and Wang moved to Taiwan with his family in 1949. He graduated from the National Taiwan College of Arts specializing in cinema and broadcasting, and started his acting career in TV dramas before pursuing his career in movies. In 1964 Wang starred in "For War the Bell Tolls" and in the same year in "Four Loves" based on the novel by famous author Qiong Yao, which gave him a high profile. In 1971 he won the Golden Horse Award for the Best Supporting Actor for "You Don't Tell Him". He went to America in 1973 and directed as well as acted in "The Street in New York". In 1979, by using the name -Wang Jim-Jung, Wang co-directed "The Old Master" which starred Jackie Chan's mentor Yu Chan-Yuan. Having acquired his U.S. permanent residency Wang returned to Shaw Brothers as contracted actor and starred in over 20 movies, most of them are martial arts films directed by Chu Yuan. He left Shaw Brothers in 1983 and continued to pursue his acting career in TV.

From the Celestial DVD release of "Godfather of Canton".