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Sou Sou  ♂
Aliases:  Su Su,  So So

Filmography (1951-1965)
  Actor (25 films)
    Darts of Fury (1951)    
    Debt of Love (1951)    
    Spring's Abundance (1954)    
    Punish the Unfaithful (1955)    
    Xue Mei Teaches Her Son (1955)    
    Meng Jiangnu's Wail Shattered the Great Wall (1955) ... First scholar
    Wong Fei-Hung's Seven Battles with Fiery Unicorn (1956)    
    Madam Zhan Dian Sues (1956)    
    Invisible Female Knight (1957)    
    Third Madam Teaches Her Son (1957)    
    A Filial Daughter Avenges for Her Father (1957)    
    The Orphan Saves (1958)    
    Peng Men Bi Yu (1958) ... Huang Ah-Mao
    Dashun, the Farmer (1958)    
    Follow the Husband (1959)    
    All for the Family (1959)    
    Fan Li-Hua (1959)    
    Xiao Hua Mao (1959)    
    Pregnant and Unmarried (1959)    
    Wang Sanfu Sets Fire on the House (1959)    
    Advertisement Beauty (1959)    
    The Illegitimate Husband (1959)    
    Chain Murder (1962) ... Detective Ah Sou
    Aunt Ping (Part 1) (1965)    
    The Skeleton Tower Under the Sea (Part 1) (1965)    
  Also acted in Amoy dialect films.