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Wang Shou
Wang Sou
Filmography (1971-1981)
  Editor (14 films)
    The Ghost Hill (1971)    
    Flight Man (1973)    
    My Father, My Husband, My Son (1974)    
    Girl School (1975)    
    The September Song (1975)    
    Come Fly with Me (1976)    
    Touch of Fairlady (1979)    
    Forever My Love (1979)    
    The Merciful Buddha (1979)    
    Cripple Lee Becomes Immortal (1979)    
    A Girl Without Sorrow (1979)    
    The Horrible Honeymoon Tour (1980)    
    Love Comes from the Sea (1980)    
    Shan Meng Hai Shi (1981)