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Chuan Yuan  ♂
Aliases:  Hong Ga,  Kang Chia,  Chuen Yuen ,  Chuan Yun,  Dong Chuan-Yuan

Filmography (1963-1995)
  Actor (87 films)
    Hsiang Chien Chai (1963)    
    Evening City (1965)    
    Filial Daughter's Desire (1965)    
    The Dusk Hometown (1965)    
    Hsiang Su He Pan (1965)    
    Wu Shi Feng Yun (1965)    
    Ai Pi Su Chiao Chiang (1966)    
    Fantong Gua Chelun (1966)    
    More Children Let Father Starve (1966)    
    Kai Zhang Da Ji (1966)    
    Underworld Knight (1966)    
    Evil Amoung Good (1967)    
    The Fastest Sword (1968) ... Pi Cheng Wan
    Hsiang I Teng Pa Nien (1968)    
    The Enchanted Chamber (1968)    
    Raw Passions (1969) ... Witness
    Dark Semester (1969) ... Kao Te Sheng
    Farewell, My Love (1969) ... Li Wen Yang
    Torrent of Desire (1969) ... Mona's boyfriend
    Dark Rendezvous (1969) ... Li Hsin-Chien
    Tomorrow Is Another Day (1969) ... Hsiao Li
    Nu Xing De Fu Chou (1969)    
    Double Bliss (1970) ... Xiaobai
    My Son (1970) ... Ruffian
    The Golden Knight (1970) ... Clan Leader Nan Huai
    Vengeance! (1970) ... Adjutant Gao Hong Tu
    The Night Is Young (1970)    
    Ripples (1970) ... Fei Nan-Chia
    The Lady Hermit (1971) ... Black Demon's disciple #2
    The Long Chase (1971) ... Bandit Chang Piao
    The Duel (1971) ... Kan Wen Pin
    The Thunderbolt Fist (1972) ... Fang Tie Wa
    The Imperial Swordsman (1972) ... Yin Shu-Tang
    The Flying Tiger (1973)    
    Chiu Chow Kung Fu (1973) ... Captain Kimura
    Tiger Tiger Tiger (1973)    
    The Virgins (1973) ... Rapist
    Exorcising Sword (1974)    
    Hei Nu Sha Hsing (1974)    
    General Stone (1976)    
    Seven Spirit Pagoda (1976)    
    Iron Fan and Magic Sword (1976)    
    Shaolin Monk (1977) ... Great Taoist
    The Rebel of Shao-Lin (1977) ... Lu Chien Jen [guest]
    The Gloomy Tower (1977)    
    The Invincible Armour (1977) ... Mr. Liu
    Chivalrous Inn (1977)    
    The Cavalier (1978)    
    Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1978) ... General
    The Eighteen Jade Arhats (1978) ... Pai Yung Ming
    Revengeful Swordswoman (1979) ... Ku Lun
    Fists of Bruce Lee (1979) ... Lawyer Shen
    The Crane Fighters (1979) ... Yang Su
    The Monk's Fight (1979)    
    Queen Bee's Revenge (1981)    
    A Sword Named Revenge (1981)    
    The Story of Lu Sheau-Feng (1981)    
    Breaking Through the Black Whirl (1982)    
    The Dynamite Trio (1982) ... Sha Lung
    Underground Wife (1982)    
    Handsome Vagabond (1982)    
    Seven Steps to Showdown (1982)    
    I Want to Be a Good Person (1982)    
    Spoony Love (1982)    
    The Imprisoned (1982)    
    Chinese Magic (1983)    
    The Boy from the Dark Street (1983)    
    Who Knows About Me (1983)    
    King of Snake (1984)    
    Friends & Brothers (1984)    
    Ta Gong Gui Wo Fa Cai (1984)    
    Sheng Gong Ma (1985)    
    Pink Trap (1985)    
    Ninja Operation 4: Thunderbolt Angels (1986) ... [THE RETURN footage]
    Black Leopard (1986)    
    Touching Breast Alley (1987)    
    American Commando: Angel's Blood Mission (1987) ... [I WANT TO BE... footage]
    Death Code Ninja (1987) ... [Taiwanese footage]
    Yen Nu Fa Ching (1987)    
    The Ghost Story (1987)    
    The Long Gun (1988)    
    Ninja: American Warrior (1988) ... [Queen Bee's Revenge footage]
    The Return (1989)    
    Firefox's Killer (1990)    
    A Lustful Night (1993)    
    Love Struck (1994)    
    Honey Bee (1995)    
  Born as Dong Chuan-Yuan in Tainan, Taiwan; Chuen is also known as Kang Jia. His mother is Dutch, and his younger brother Kang Hua was a boxer and later joined the showbiz. The two brothers achieved fame early in their careers by starring in Taiwanese-speaking films, then they moved to Hong Kong to work for Shaw Brothers. Chuan Yuan's Shaw debut was Wu Chia-Hsiang's "Dark Semester", where he was lauded for portraying a street punk. He then starred in a leading role in "The Night Is Young" directed by Lo Chien and co-starring Yu Feng. Chuan Yuan's other notable works in the 1970s include "Vengeance!", "The Duel" (1971), "The Long Chase", "The Lady Hermit", "The Thunderbolt Fist", "Imperial Swordsman" and "The Virgins".

From the Celestial DVD edition of "The Thunderbolt Fist".