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Suen Ga-Man
Aliases:  Sun Jia-Wen,  Sung Chia-Wen,  Suen Ka-Man

Filmography (1972-1996)
  Production Manager (4 films)
    At the Side of Sky-Line (1977)    
    There's No Place Like Home (1977)    
    Don't Kiss Me on the Street (1977)    
    Legend of the Mountain (1979)    
  Director (5 films)
    Love Affairs (1972)    
    The Invasion (1972)    
    Smugglers (1973)    
    Stock Fever (1973)    
    Monkey Fist (1974)    
  Actor (3 films)
    Once Upon a Rainbow (1982)    
    Mack the Knife (1995) ... Chairman of Medical Review Board
    Scarred Memory (1996)