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Lee Yau-Chee
Aliases:  Lee Yau-Tsz
Filmography (1937-1939)
  Actor (16 films)
    Shadow of the Ruins (1937)    
    Rebuilding the Family (1937)    
    Emperor Without a Crown (1937)    
    The Country Woman Joins the Army (1937)    
    Man of All Evil (1937)    
    The Twelve Wives (1937)    
    The Shadow (1937)    
    The Light of People (1938) ... Child specialist
    At the Parting of the Ways (1938)    
    Rich Dandy (1938) ... Chow Yi-Lo
    Four Boys Join the Army (1938)    
    New Citizens (1938)    
    The Twelve Wives (Part Two) (1938)    
    Burning of the Stone Mansion (1939) ... Leung Lai Jan
    The Jade Pear (1939)    
    The Woman General (1939)