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Hsia Chin-Hsin  ♀
Aliases:  Ha Kam-Sam,  Xia Qin-Xin

Filmography (1959-1966)
  Actor (17 films)
    Girl from Amoy (1959)    
    Brother Liu and Brother Wang Have a Good New Year (1961)    
    Storm in a Teacup (1961) ... Chia-Hua
    Gan Lu Chu Shi (1961)    
    Queen Bee (1962)    
    Five Difficult Traps (1962)    
    The Liar Ah Chi, Part II (1962)    
    Teardrops Drip Red (1962)    
    Nine Women and One Man (1963)    
    Evening City (1965)    
    Tarzan and the Treasure (1965)    
    The Dusk Hometown (1965)    
    Love Letter Writing at Midnight (1965)    
    Prodigal Son's Return (1965)    
    Yan Zhi Hu (1965)    
    Six Suspects (1965) ... Chen Dai -Yu (sixth suspect)
    Young Lady Enters City (1966)