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Chan Kim-Fai (1)
Filmography (1937-1949)
  Actor (23 films)
    Back to the Motherland! (1937)    
    Born with a Silver Spoon (1937)    
    Professor Amore (1937)    
    The Light of Women (1937)    
    The Three-Day Massacre in Guangzhou (The Two Emperors Invade Guangzhou) (1937)    
    Island of Grievance (1937)    
    The Platinum Dragon (Part 2) (1937)    
    Shaking Heaven and Earth (1938)    
    Sorrow Gives Way to Happiness (1938)    
    Temptations of the Silver Screen (1938)    
    The Humiliation of the Rickshaw Man (1938)    
    The White Lotus Menace (1939)    
    Triple Flirtation of the White Chrysanthemum (1939)    
    Fall of the Plum Blossoms (1940)    
    The Thief Who Is a Filial Son (1940)    
    The Lady Takes Command (1940)    
    Mayhem on the Spring Lantern Festival (1940)    
    Everlasting Love (1940)    
    The Romantic Thief, Bai Juhua (1947)    
    Two Drug Addicts Sweep a Long Dike (1948) ... Detective
    The Thirteenth Girl's Adventure in Nengren Temple (1948)    
    My Daughter (1948)    
    The Red Kid (1949)