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Ai Ti  ♀
Aliases:  Le De-Hua,  ''Aiti''
Born: November 9th, 1953

Filmography (1972-1985)
  Actor (36 films)
    The Two Faces of Love (1972)    
    Young Passion (1974)    
    Virgins of the Seven Seas (1974) ... [Deleted footage]
    Cheeky Little Angels (1974) ... Nightclub visitor [guest]
    Sex For Sale (1974) ... Salsali
    Crazy Bumpkins (1974) ... Ah Hua
    Hong Kong 73 (1974) ... Tien Ya's wife
    Evil Seducers (1975) ... Chou Li-Ching
    Return of the Crazy Bumpkin (1975) ... Ah Hua
    Temperament of Life (1975)    
    It's All in the Family (1975) ... Susan
    The Flying Guillotine (1975) ... Wanzhu
    All Mixed Up (1975) ... Ying-Lan
    Girl's Diary (1975)    
    Night of the Devil's Bride (1975) ... Mu Lien
    Romance in Paris (1975)    
    Crazy Bumpkin in Singapore (1976)    
    Big Times for the Crazy Bumpkins (1976) ... Ah Hua
    Love in the Twilight Zone (1976)    
    Oriental Playgirls (1976)    
    Girls for Sale (1976)    
    Starlets for Sale (1977) ... Miss Meibao
    Mysterious Lady Killer (1977)    
    Delinquent Teenagers (1978)    
    Naughty Scandals (1979)    
    The Foxy Ladies (1979) ... Assistant
    The Stud and the Nymph (1980) ... Pei Pei
    Story of Taxi Dancers (1981)    
    Sexy Career Girls (1981) ... Tai Kam / Mary
    Man Crazy (1982)    
    36 Secrets of Courtship (1982) ... Sima Man Kwan
    Ugly Tycoon (1984) ... Shi Mei-Na/Shi Mei-Nuo
    I Love Lolanto (1984) ... Jenny
    Wives and Lovers (1985) ... Eve (Xia Wa)
    How to Choose a Royal Bride (1985) ... Duo Duo Ming Zhu
    Killing in the Nude (1985) ... Old General's concubine
  Born Le De-Hua in Taiwan in 1953, "Sex Bomb" Ai Ti's beauty was already evident when she was growing up. She graduated to a career in modeling but it wasn't until she won the first of the beauty pageant in 1973 that she first came to the attention of the Shaw Brothers. The Studio lost no time in signing her up and casting her as the lead in Sex For Sale in 1974. Even as early as the series of Crazy Bumpkins films such as The Crazy Bumpkins and Return of the Crazy Bumpkins, Ai Ti had already opted for a screen image as a vamp. in 1975, she starred in Lu Chi's erotic tale Girl's Diary and quickly became a favorite with the director. Ai Ti's sex symbol image has left an indelible mark in the minds of her audience.

From the Celestial DVD "The Stud and the Nympho"