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佐治.拉辛比  ♂
George Lazenby
Born: September 5th, 1939 (Australia)

Filmography (1973-1976)
  Actor (5 films)
    Bruce Lee, the Man and the Legend (1973) ... [Himself]
    Stoner (1974) ... Joshua Stoner
    The Man from Hong Kong (1975) ... Jack Wilton
    A Queen's Ransom (1976) ... Morgan
    The Private Eyes (1976) ... Actor in theatre movie [cameo]
  Was doing chocolate commercials when he (very suddenly) rose to fame in the lead role as James Bond (the only time he played 007) in 'On Her Majesty's Service'. He made a number of other similar spy films in the early 70s, though on much lower budgets, including several in Australia.