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Elaw Wong Cheuk-Man
Aliases:  Yi Lo
Filmography (1992-2016)
  Makeup (13 films)
    Forgive and Forget (2008)    
    L for Love L for Lies (2008)    
    Nobody's Perfect (2008)    
    Love Connected (2009)    
    Marriage with a Liar (2010)    
    Sleepwalker in 3D (2011)    
    Love Is the Only Answer (2011)    
    Natural Born Lovers (2012)    
    Cross (2012)    
    Fairy Tale Killer (2012)    
    A Secret Between Us (2013)    
    The Story of O (2015)    
    My Wife Is a Superstar (2016)    
  Actor (1 film)
    The Night Rider (1992)