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Choi Bik-Wa
Aliases:  Choi Bik-Wah
Filmography (1974-1984)
  Makeup (13 films)
    The Miracle of Love (1974)    
    Love in the Spring (1974)    
    Death Trap (1974)    
    The Supergirl of Kung Fu (1975)    
    General Stone (1976)    
    Misty Love (1978)    
    A Voluntary Act (1978)    
    Cripple Lee Becomes Immortal (1979)    
    Lotus in Fall (1979)    
    Wandering Knight (1979)    
    Flower Just Smile in the Spring Breeze (1980)    
    Not for Love or Money (1982)    
    Lake Sprite (1984)