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Ling Doi  ♀
Aliases:  Ling Tai

Filmography (1976-1987)
  Actor (14 films)
    Girls for Sale (1976)    
    Starlets for Sale (1977) ... Xiaoling
    Mysterious Lady Killer (1977)    
    Delinquent Teenagers (1978)    
    Naughty Scandals (1979)    
    The Foxy Ladies (1979) ... Assistant
    The Stud and the Nymph (1980) ... Betty
    Sexy Career Girls (1981) ... Tai Ngan / Ah Yin
    Story of Taxi Dancers (1981)    
    Man Crazy (1982)    
    36 Secrets of Courtship (1982) ... Murong Miao Miao
    Ugly Tycoon (1984) ... Yan Fong-Fong/Zhen Fang-Fang
    Wives and Lovers (1985) ... Chau Heung/Qiu Xiang
    The Seductress (1987)    
  A Shaw Brothers actress in the 70's Ling is famous as director Lu Chi's favorite female lead and for her roles in the erotic genre. With 12 movies in her filmography, all of them helmed by Lu, they include Girls For Sale, The Mysterious Lady Killer, Delinquent Teenager, Sexy Career Girls, and 36 Secrets of Courtship.

36 Secrets of Courtship, this erotic comedy features three Lotharios who vie to become principal of the Macho Man Training School -- an extremely sexy institution dedicated to extremely non Shaolin-types of physical exertion. In that film, she has nude performance. She retired from the limelight with her last film Ugly Tycoon in 1983.

From the Celestial DVD "The Stud and the Nympho"