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Tang Hsin-He
Tong Yam-Wo
Filmography (1967-1977)
  Makeup (1 film)
    Lady in the Tower (1967)    
  Hair Dressing (1 film)
    The Cruelty Goddess (1970)    
  Hair Stylist (10 films)
    The Last Days of Hsin Yang (1968)    
    The Cannibals (1972)    
    Showdown (1972)    
    On the Waterfront (1972)    
    Ma Su Chen (1972)    
    The Imprudent Iron Phoenix (1973)    
    The Blue Lamp in Winter Night (1974)    
    All in the Dim Cold Night (1974)    
    Ghost Under the Cold Moonlight (1975)    
    Hero of the Wild (1977)