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Austin Wai Tin-Chi  ♂
Aliases:  Hui Tien-Chi,  Siu Sei (2),  Wei Tien-Tzu,  Hui Tien-Sze,  Jacky Yuen
Born: August 13th, 1957 - Died: October 4th, 2012

Filmography (1972-2010)
  Action Director (8 films)
    Wonderman from Shaolin (1979)    
    The Final Test (1987)    
    Burning Ambition (1989)    
    The Fortune Code (1990)    
    Woman in Lust (1993)    
    The Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1993)    
    Happy Partner (1993)    
    Generation Pendragon (1999)    
  Assistant Action Director (2 films)
    Crazy Partner (1979)    
    Five Superfighters (1979)    
  Actor (75 films)
    The Thunderbolt Fist (1972) ... Tie Wa as a boy
    No End of Surprises (1975) ... Japanese
    The Shaolin Plot (1977) ... Monk
    The Iron Fisted Monk (1977)    
    The Four Shaolin Challengers (1977) ... [Extra]
    He Has Nothing But Kung Fu (1977) ... Thug [extra]
    The Fatal Flying Guillotines (1977)    
    The Game of Death (1978) ... Lo Chen's man in ring
    The Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung (1978) ... Zhang's bodyguard [extra]
    The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) ... Shaolin monk
    The Avenging Eagle (1978) ... Owl Eagle Cao Gao Shing
    Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, Part II (1978) ... Wind
    Bruce Lee The Invincible (1978) ... [Extra]
    Shaolin Hand Lock (1978) ... Lin Hao's man
    Kung Fu Means Fists, Strikes and Swords (1978) ... Thug
    Magnificent Spearman (1978)    
    Crazy Partner (1979)    
    Kung Fu Vs. Yoga (1979)    
    The Incredible Kung Fu Master (1979) ... Invincible
    The Deadly Breaking Sword (1979) ... Sword Spirits Duo (red)
    The Lama Avenger (1979) ... Thug
    Five Superfighters (1979) ... Ah Fu
    Full Moon Scimitar (1979) ... Swordsman in white in prologue
    Wonderman from Shaolin (1979)    
    The Ghost Story (1979) ... [Extra]
    To Kill a Mastermind (1979) ... Zhou's bodyguard
    The Kung-Fu Instructor (1979) ... [Extra]
    The Convict Killer (1980) ... Xiao Tong
    Heroes Shed No Tears (1980) ... Sun Tong, Head of Guards
    Swift Sword (1980) ... One of 5 Hua Shan Monster
    Ambitious Kung Fu Girl (1981) ... Liu Feng Gu
    Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (1982) ... Evil Prince
    Gang Master (1982) ... Fu Zhong Yuan (Fu Chung-Yuan)
    Fearless Hyena Part II (1983) ... Ah Tung, Lazy young man
    The Supreme Swordsman (1984) ... Xue Xian-Nan
    Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985) ... [Cameo at the end]
    The Final Test (1987) ... Sum Ying Mo
    Back to the Beyond (1987)    
    Vampire Buster (1989) ... Elder disciple of Yat's ancestor
    Ghostly Love (1989) ... Scholar Tsin Fai
    Burning Ambition (1989)    
    Firefox's Killer (1990)    
    The Fortune Code (1990) ... Little Tortoise
    Whampoa Blues (1990) ... Trainer Liu
    The Banquet (1991)    
    Action in Border (1991)    
    Tri in Triad (1991)    
    Pom Pom and Hot Hot (1992) ... Wu Yuen-Shen
    The Twilight of the Forbidden City (1992) ... Brother Gui
    Once a Black Sheep (1992) ... Chan Tung
    Woman in Lust (1993)    
    The Unpublicizable File (1993)    
    All Men Are Brothers - Blood of the Leopard (1993) ... Flying Tiger [cameo]
    The Secret File (1993)    
    The Deadly Island (1994)    
    The True Hero (1994) ... Brother Four
    Master of Zen (1994)    
    Reincarnated II (1994)    
    The Blade (1995) ... Siu Ling's father
    High Tension Crime (1997)    
    No Time for Two (1999)    
    Generation Consultant (1999)    
    The King of Debt Collecting Agent (1999)    
    Moonlight Express (1999) ... Officer Ko
    Generation Pendragon (1999)    
    Fist Power (2000) ... Chiu's killer
    D7 SDU (2000)    
    One Nite in Mongkok (2004) ... Milo's superior
    Insuperable Kid Huoyuanjia (2005) ... Watanabe
    SPL (2005) ... Cheung Chun-Fei
    Flash Point (2007) ... Four Eyes
    Who's Next (2007) ... Brother Pole
    Rebellion (2009) ... Mr Tai
    I Corrupt All Cops (2009) ... Detective Kong
    Kung Fu Wing Chun (2010) ... Lau Kam
  Brother of Kara Hui Ying-Hung

Hui was born in 1958 at the Shandong province. The young Hui was sent to Peking Opera school because his family is impoverished, and he managed to make a living since age 12 by performing martial arts. Hui then became a stuntman at Shaw Brothers and later as an actor starring in films such as "The Convict Killer" and "Ambitious Kung Fu Girl". He had also starred in the leading role of Hsu Hsiao-Ming's "Gang Master" with Chen Kuan-Tai, Pai Piao and Tai Liang-Chun. After completing his contract with Shaw Brothers, Hui continued to work on-screen with other films companies, while becoming a martial arts choreographer off-screen. He had starred in "Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars" and "The Blade". He had also choreographed for "The Final Test" and "Woman in Lust". In 1999, Hui nominated the Best Action Choreography kudos for "Generation Pendragon" at the 36th Golden Horse Awards, an honorable acknowledgement to his achievement. Hui has also starred in various drama serials for Hong Kong's TVB, including "The Foundation", "The Battle Field" and "The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung".

From the Celestial DVD release of "Gang Master".