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Law Kong
Aliases:  Luo Chiang,  Lo Kong
Filmography (1970-1989)
  Actor (17 films)
    Rebirth of Love (1970)    
    Misty Drizzle (1975)    
    Dummy Detective (1975)    
    The Romance in the Ghost House (1975)    
    The Magic Ring (1976)    
    Princess and the Toxicant (1977)    
    Love in the Space Time (1978)    
    Tai Chi Shadow Boxing (1980)    
    A Tuna Swallow a Whale (1980)    
    The Last Date (1980)    
    My Grandfather (1982)    
    Chui Niu Da Wang (1982)    
    Short Circuit (1985)    
    Secondhand Goods (1986)    
    Cheating King Zhi Wang (1988)    
    Little Big Man (1989)    
    Black Shoes and White Shoes (1989)