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Yung Jing-Jing  ♀
Aliases:  Mary Jean Reimer,  Mary Jean Reimer Lau,  Weng Jing-Jing,  Yung Ching-Ching
Born: May 22nd, 1964

Filmography (1980-1987)
  Actor (8 films)
    Encore (1980)    
    Buddha's Palm (1982) ... Little Dragon Girl
    Love (1982)    
    The Enchantress (1983) ... Shuiling
    Little Dragon Maiden (1983) ... Dragon Girl
    Holy Flame of the Martial World (1983) ... Chuan Erh
    First Time (1983) ... Chau Siu Yin
    City Girl (1987) ... Cora Lam
  Married to Lau Kar-Leung.

Currently is a practising solicitor (attorney) in Hong Kong. Born in Vietnam.