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Sui Ngok-Fung
Aliases:  Siu Ock-Fung,  Shuai Yuefeng,  Shuag Yuen-Feng,  Yuen-Feng Shuag,  Shuai Yo-Feng,  Shvay Yueh-Feng,  Shu Aug-Fong,  Suai Yu-Feng
Filmography (1975-1984)
  Producer (1 film)
    China Armed Escort (1976)    
  Production Manager (16 films)
    Heroes in the Late Ming Dynasty (1975)    
    Triumph of Two Kung Fu Arts (1977)    
    Deadly Strike (1978)    
    Great General (1978)    
    Three Shaolin Musketeers (1978)    
    Third Prince Na Cha (1978)    
    Invincible Buddhism Kung Fu (1978)    
    Monkey Fist, Floating Snake (1980)    
    Fighting Life (1981)    
    Tie Chuang Wu Wo Er Shi Nian (1981)    
    The Great Two Genii (1982)    
    Duel of the Masters (1983)    
    The Last Night of Madam Chin (1984)    
    The Shanghai Thirteen (1984)    
    Romance on the Highway (1984)    
    Romance on the Highway (1984)    
  Director (1 film)
    Fighting Life (1981)    
  Presenter (3 films)
    Triumph of Two Kung Fu Arts (1977)    
    The Crippled Masters (1979)    
    Kung-Fu of Eight Drunkards (1980)