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Chui Suk-Woon  ♀
Aliases:  Vivian,  Hsa Shu-Yuang,  Hsu Shu-Yuan,  Tsui Suk-Woon,  Joyce Tsui,  Xu Shuyuan,  Hsu Shu-Yuen

Filmography (1981-2000)
  Actor (19 films)
    The Imperial Sword Killing the Devil (1981)    
    Virago (1981)    
    Monkey War (1982)    
    The Last Night of Madam Chin (1984)    
    Lake Sprite (1984) ... Sophie
    Hong Kong Godfather (1985) ... Connie
    Twisted Love (1985) ... Tina
    Funny Face (1985)    
    Love Me Vampire (1986)    
    The Ghost Snatchers (1986) ... Judy Hsu
    The Seventh Curse (1986) ... Anne [brief cameo]
    The Missed Date (1986) ... Mrs Wang
    Split of the Spirit (1987) ... Siu Wai
    Vampire's Breakfast (1987) ... George's girlfriend
    Evil Cat (1987) ... Tina
    Lee See Fung (1988) ... Whore
    Young Soldiers (1991)    
    Jam (1998)    
    Yi Yi (2000) ... Mrs Chiang
  Caucasian woman with curly blonde hair. A celebrated model renowned for her tall frame and cool outlook. Hsu turned up the heat when she posed provocatively on the cover of 'Playboy' magazine's Taiwanese edition, following the footsteps of local celebrities as Guo Jing-chun, Yeung Sze-man, Carol Cheng, Luo Wan-yi, Yu Ke-xin and Xu Le-mei. Hsu moved to Hong Kong in 1985 and starred in various films such as 'Twisted Love', 'Hong Kong Godfather', 'The Missed Date' and 'The Seventh Curse'. She had also appeared in drama serials for Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV). She was married in 1998, withdrawn from the limelight and currently resided in the United States. She would appear on the silver screen occasionally. From the Celestial DVD info of 'Twisted Passion'.