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Kwan Chiu-Chung  ♂
Aliases:  Keith Kwan,  Kuan Chao-Chung
Born: 1959 - Died: September 19th, 1995

Filmography (1985-1994)
  Actor (9 films)
    Carry on Doctors and Nurses (1985) ... Dr Faulkland
    Why, Why, Tell Me Why!! (1986) ... Li
    Parking Service (1986) ... Officer Lau
    Vampire's Breakfast (1987) ... Broker Mo Da-Mao
    The Blonde Fury (1989) ... Bluffer
    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World III (1989) ... Canadian Lottery manager
    Perfect Girls (1990) ... Robert
    No 1, 3rd Ave (1993) ... Lawyer Pang
    Doug's Choice (1994) ... Gigolo club manager
  A mix of Chinese and English and was educated in Britain. He was famous as a presenter in TVB English Channel, Pearl. Unfortunately, he was passed away because of AIDS.