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Huang Hu-Nan
Aliases:  Wong Fu-Nam,  Wong Foo-Lam
Filmography (1969-1999)
  Actor (3 films)
    The Ghost Hill (1971)    
    The Ammunition Hunters (1971)    
    Life of Crime (1997)    
  Lighting (15 films)
    Iron Petticoat (1969)    
    Black Invitation (1969)    
    The Grand Passion (1970)    
    The Bravest Revenge (1970)    
    A Touch of Zen (1971)    
    The Ghost Hill (1971)    
    The Brave and the Evil (1971)    
    The Ghostly Face (1973)    
    Chinese Kung Fu and Acupuncture (1973)    
    The Windows of the Mind (1974)    
    The Souls of the Sword (1978)    
    The Dream Sword (1979)    
    Night of the Assassins (1981)    
    Life of Crime (1997)    
    To Nail the Killer with All Efforts (1999)