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Chui Ban
Aliases:  Hsu Bin,  Hsu Ben,  Xu Bin
Filmography (1985-2016)
  Producer (8 films)
    Kung Fu Kids III (1987)    
    The Game They Call Sex (1987)    
    Kung Fu Kids Part V: The Adventure of Kung Fu Kids (1988)    
    Never-Ending Memory (1988)    
    Kung Fu Kids Part VI: Enter the Young Dragon (1989)    
    Five Girls and a Rope (1990)    
    Farewell to My Concubine (1993)    
    Night Peacock (2016)    
  Production Manager (5 films)
    Gorgeous (1985)    
    Kung Fu Kids II (1986)    
    The Spring Outside of the Fence (1986)    
    Desire (1987)    
    Secret Plans (2014)    
  Director (1 film)
    China Unknown (1986)    
  Planning (6 films)
    The Young and Old Wanderers (1985)    
    Funny Face (1985)    
    The Woman of Wrath (1986)    
    Kung Fu Kids (1986)    
    Kung Fu Kids IV (1987)    
    Let Me Speak Up (1992)    
  Executive Producer (1 film)
    Red Dust (1990)    
  Writer (1 film)
    China Unknown (1986)