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張藍心  ♀
Zhang Lan-Xin
Cheung Lam-Sam,  Cheung Nam-Sam,  Zhang Lanxin,  Zhang Meng-Yu,  Zhang Mengyu,  Zoe Zhang
Born: June 21st, 1986 (Beijing, China)

Filmography (2012-2017)
  Actor (8 films)
    CZ12 (2012) ... Bonnie
    Fake Guardians (2014)    
    Who Moved My Dream (2014)    
    Money Game (2015)    
    Who Am I 2015 (2015) ... Jiao
    Skiptrace (2016) ... Ting Ting
    Railroad Tigers (2016)    
    Viy 2 (2017)    
  Model, 2004 National Tae Kwan Do Champion.

The 177cm-tall Zoe was on China's national taekwondo team for more than a decade. She won the national taekwondo championship at the women's 55kg level in 2004.