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Chow Diy-Sun
Aliases:  Chou Tao-Chun
Filmography (1962-1987)
  Editor (12 films)
    Good Neighbors (1962)    
    Yuan Zai Hua (1968)    
    The Absurd Brave (1969)    
    The Magnificent Monk (1969)    
    Chu Mai Ai Qing De Ren (1971)    
    The Unscrupules General (1973)    
    The Chinese Dragon (1973)    
    One Stripe Two Stars (1982)    
    The Wheel of Life (1983)    
    The Heroic Pioneers (1986)    
    Love of Tseng-Wen River (1986)    
    The Night Treats the Grass (1987)