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王若伊  ♀
Wang Ruo-Yi (1)
Wong Ye-Yi,  Seven Royi,  Wang Yibing,  Wang Royi,  Wang Ruoyi
Born: February 6th, 1988

Filmography (2011-2016)
  Actor (8 films)
    Song Without Words (2011)    
    Haunted Microblog (2011)    
    Happy Birthday (2012)    
    Farewell My Remembrance (2013)    
    0.5 Love (2014) ... Xu Keyi
    Love in the Office (2015) ... Spicy girl
    Special Female Force (2016) ... Royi
    Bao Zou Xiong Di vs Jiang Shi Gu Huo Zai (2016)    
  Wang Yibing/Wang Royi/Wang Ruoyi is a model and actress from Beijing. A native from Henan Province, she is a graduate from Beijing's Central Academy of Drama.