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Lee Kwok-Lam
Bly Li,  Li Guo-Lin,  Li Kwok-Lam,  Billy Li
Filmography (2014-2020)
  Art Director (14 films)
    Golden Chickensss (2014)    
    Aberdeen (2014)    
    Wild City (2015)    
    Lazy Hazy Crazy (2015)    
    Heaven in the Dark (2016)    
    Good Take! (2016)    
    Love Off the Cuff (2017)    
    Our Time Will Come (2017)    
    Our Days in 6E (2017)    
    Agent Mr Chan (2018)    
    My Prince Edward (2019)    
    The Secret Diary of a Mom to Be (2020)    
    Declared Legally Dead (2020)    
    I'm Livin' It (2020)    
  Assistant Art Director (1 film)
    Temporary Family (2014)