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區紹熙  ♂
Au Shiu-Hei
Au Siu-Hei,  James Au

Filmography (1988-1992)
  Actor (7 films)
    Moon, Star, Sun (1988)    
    Reunion (1988)    
    The Other 1/2 & the Other 1/2 (1988)    
    Prince of the Sun (1990) ... Loan shark
    Don't Fool Me (1991) ... Insurance agent
    Inspector Wears Skirts IV (1992)    
    Cageman (1992) ... Councillor Tsui's Secretary
  Studied film at the Department of Communications, Hong Kong Baptist University. Through his familiarity with directors and cinematographers, became a film stock salesman for AGFA in 1987 and sold the brand to Wong Kar Wai, Christopher Doyle, Jackie Chan, Frankie Chan, John Woo, Choi Lan and others. After Wong Kar Wai's success with Days of Being Wild, other directors such as Stanley Kwan, Tony Au and Fruit Chan switched to AGFA. When AGFA stopped manufacturing movie film stock, Au was sent to sell still camera and X-ray film in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Author, writer, film critic.