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Kim Byeong-Su
Filmography (1975-1985)
  Sound Recordist (11 films)
    Tomb for a Strongman (1975)    
    Viper (1975)    
    Snow Plum Blossom (1976)    
    Righteous Fighter, Il Ji Mae (1976)    
    Fist of the Golden Monkey (1980)    
    Golden Dragon, Silver Snake (1980)    
    The Gwoi-cho Guru (1981)    
    The Dragon's Snake Fist (1981)    
    Postman Strikes Back (1982)    
    Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple (1983)    
    Dragon Claws (1983)    
  Re-recording Mixer (1 film)
    Killing in the Nude (1985)