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Gwong Chan
Kwong Tzan,  Kwong Tsan
Filmography (1937-1957)
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Kam Luo, the New Prime Minister (1949)    
  Producer (3 films)
    Farewell on a Winter Night (1939)    
    Waving Red Belt (1948)    
    Hua Mulan, the Girl Who Went to War (1957)    
  Sound Recordist (12 films)
    Front Stage and Back Stage (1937)    
    Lianhua Symphony (1937)    
    The Lost Pearl (1937)    
    Ten Thousand Li Ahead (1941)    
    Gone Are the Swallows When the Willow Flowers Wilt (1946)    
    You Are a Nice Lady, But Why' (1947)    
    Nazha Conquered the Seven Devils at Mei Hill (1949)    
    Lui Tung-Ban's Three Tricks on White Peony (1949)    
    The Gardener's Daughter (1950)    
    Death of a Beauty (1953)    
    Eighteen Marriages of a Smart Girl (1954)    
    Between Father and Daughter (1955)    
  Planning (1 film)
    Wild Imagination (1948)