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李珊珊(1)  ♀
Lee San-San (1)
Born: October 9th, 1977

Filmography (2000-2005)
  Actor (11 films)
    Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone (2000) ... Jo Jo Cheung
    Cop Shop Babes (2001) ... Peggy Wong/PC
    To Be No.1 - Shepherd (2001)    
    Chinese Heroes (2001) ... Madame Ho
    La Brassiere (2001) ... Candy
    No Problem 2 (2002) ... Customer ordering abalone dish
    My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (2002) ... Susan
    The Stewardess (2002) ... Apple
    Honesty (2003) ... MiMi
    Lost in Time (2003) ... Susan
    Game of a Cat and Mouse (2005)    
  Lee San San was the winner of the 1996 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant. She signed to TVB and starred in various television dramas before leaving the network. However since leaving TVB and her move into movies, she has failed to capitalize on her popularity as a TV actress .