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Taures Chow Yin-Han
Aliases:  Taurus Chow
Filmography (1991-2003)
  Writer (13 films)
    Hong Kong Criminal Archives - Female Butcher (1991)    
    Thou Shalt Not Swear (1993)    
    The Most Wanted (1994)    
    The Third Full Moon (1994)    
    Once in a Life-Time (1995)    
    July 13th (1996)    
    Expect the Unexpected (1998)    
    Believe It or Not (1999)    
    Dummy Mommy, Without a Baby (2001)    
    Fighting for Love (2001)    
    Fall for You (2001)    
    An Autumn Diary (2002)    
    Star Runner (2003)