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劉庶民  ♂
Liu Shu-Min
Pinyin: liú shù mín
Lau Shu-Man,  Liu Shumin

影視作品 / Filmography (2006-2015)
  攝影 / Cinematographer
    塔克拉瑪幹 / Taklamakan (2006)    
    地下的天空 / The Shaft (2008)    
    寶貝快跑 / Baby Run (2013)    
  導演 / Director
    / Family (2015)    
  Born in a small town in China, Liu followed the path of many children of his generation -- growing up and moving far away to big cities for education and work. After graduating from Tongji University in Shanghai and the Beijing Film Academy, he moved to Australia to work as a cinematographer.